Getting Your Pastor on the Air

The easiest and simplest way to get your pastor on the air is to record a cd of the Sunday sermon, and work with us to have it broadcast one or more times a week.  The donation (or underwriting) to do that is very reasonable.  We would like to visit with you about that by phone or e-mail.  Just use the contact us form on this web site or call our office phone:  979-885-6755 (or leave a message if we're busy, on the air, or away).

We have time and available tech support to permit some pastors to pre-record a program at the station for broadcast later or to present a live broadcast.  If you're interested, please check with us about that as well.

For example, Pastor Curtis Matthys from Sealy First United Methodist Church has a 5 minute program called "A Place For Grace" which is recorded at the station and then broadcast periodically (see calendar for schedule).





Another example  is Pastor Brad Morgan, who broadcasts a 30 minute live Bible Study program called "The Best is Yet to Come" Wednesdays at 10am.








Stew Williford has a program he records before it is broadcast called "Today's Word," an informative and inspiring 30 minutes of Bible Study on Mondays at 5:30 p.m.



We have other broadcasters you'll want to listen to... and meet as well.  Just check out our calendar for more.  But we hope this gets you excited about creating a program of your own, or encouraging those you love to listen to... to share the Good News, the Gospel with others on KQLC Christian Community Radio..